YOU’… This is what you see everytime you look at the mirror. Every step, every decision, every move says ‘me’. ‘I want’, ‘I did’, ‘I did not’… Then you begin to think what makes you ‘you’? Everything changes that time. ‘Me’ transforms into something else. It becomes a block of stones waiting to be sculpted, or a play-dough to be shaped. Every line is drawn by ‘environment’, just like sculptor does. Every touch, every contact shapes you. Sometimes strong, sometimes soft… Even your dreams don’t belong to you although you have already believed the lie of ‘yours’.

They were the limit. Your fears, goals, what you can, what you can’t …all those were always them. Wasn’t Everything messed up when you had thought you got the control? Didn’t you feel lucky suddenly when you were completely destroyed and depressed? Doesn’t this weird life make you struggle inspite of giving the feeling of control and freedom

You scared of things you can’t touch, you don’t know, you can’t change, you don’t know, all the time… Because they were in control. You scared when they said ‘frightening’. You smiled when they said ‘ you should’, you were sad when they gave you ‘disappointment’. You were succesful in their scale and you failed in their opinion. Even your happiness was the result of what you escaped or what you admited. They were there on the background all the time.

Fate? Don’t be silly. You are drawing your own way although ‘you’ is not real you.

However you know, life is an illusion. It is a short and cruel period when you lie yourself and convince. First, you create a problem, then try to solve it. You make yourself believe what you did is correct which is made up by yourself. Perhaps, that’s the only time you have the control and freedom. It is as real as, at least, your mirror reflection and as virtual as it.


Photo: Clark, David E., Deep Thought. Eureka blog. Apr 25, 2016. Available:


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