We come, we live and we go. It is called ‘life’.. Yes, we hear this word a lot.. ‘life is great’, ‘live your life’,’don’t waste your life’ …In the movies, in the songs, games, on the street, space everywhere. However, how often do we think about what life exactly is? Maybe never, maybe when we are close to end..

There are different definitions from people to people due to the experience..  life is a sum of challenges; it is just a moment in billion years; some says life is fortune which is written by god;  life is now what you are doing; life is experience; life is pain; life is even not existed; life is happiness; life is depression or my favourite life is illusion….. Dozens of definition.. All are right, all are wrong. Many people likes to complain and they say:”you don’t know my story”.. All stories are unique, special. True? I don’t think so… All stories are the worst, really? I don’t think so..

My ‘life’ definition is a game, like a video game. It is full of challenges, levels, obstacles, sadness, happiness, distractions, destructions, external factors… Sometimes you fail at the beginning, sometimes when you are close to end. Sometimes, you continue from the save or checkpoint, sometimes you forget it and turn to the beginning. Everytime, you try harder and harder. You regret then try to correct it. You try more till you give the best. Congratulations, finally you win!

Unfortunately, life has no save but maybe checkpoints. In any case, you have only one chance for one moment. You try to catch one moment in billions. It is a long-running game. You catch the point and never go back. So no time for regrets.. You are not able to fix them but after all checkpoints you will have another billion options. So I call the life as a thing what you draw, what you choose. So why do we stuck in external factors and why don’t we accept all challenges, obstacles as a part of life and don’t we try the best all the time instead of complains, regrets? Any possible result is worse than death? I don’t think so…





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