A Serious Business- RAKI/RAKIA

I told my friends that ‘Raki’ is the drink we can say traditional. They ask me what we play or what we do when we drink or whether we drink that in party. I said drinking is not a game in my country, it is a serious business. It is only time that you can feel free to share all you keep in mind, all you are scared of facing. Because if you sit on that table with me, it means we are confidant forever. Here is the culture of Raki;iuuq_nv_00xxx_sl_tpicfujn_sl_dpn0gjmf0qjd0qipup031220180ubisjcbu_nk_sblj_nk_tpgsbtj_sl_kqh

Whiskey brings aristocracy and intellectuality; Wine brings art, women, love and romantism; and Raki brings friendship, honesty and trust to the mind.

Raki is not drunk with mouth, it is drunk by ears. We don’t call it drink we call it breath.

Raki is not drunk before sunset

Raki is not drunk alone

Raki is not drunk hungry.

Raki is not drunk with people who don’t have sense of humor, don’t understand jokes and don’t know ‘muhabbet’

Drinking has an ethic, Raki is not drunk with someone who is far from that ethic.

Respect is the key of table so the oldest person raises the first toast all the time.

Raki must be drunk cold and with slim long glass to see how turns the water to the milk of lion if there is no glass, we split the watermelon into two piece, clean inside and pour the Raki in it. Then all people on the table share it from hand to hand.

Raki is not drunk with loud discussions but we can save the world and country while drinking it

Raki is not drunk with loud music or popular music. Only slow traditional and art music could be played on the background to cheer the conversation up.

Raki never accompany ‘meze’, starter or delikatessen, all they accompany

Raki. However we believe that if we don’t eat fish with it, their world would curse us.

When you drink Raki, you can share your happiness and sadness. You can remember old memories which makes you cry. You are free to cry because Table of Raki is table of friendship and honesty. All we talk, all we do stays on the table. That’s why the rule of that table is to promise for Honor.

“Şerefe”, to the Honor!!!




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