It has been some time since we have seen the first signal of the ‘Spring’ but you know, march is not reliable, especially some cold climates like in Germany. One day you can wake up with cheer, take your shirts and leave your coat, another day you can get frozen under the snow. However, yesterday I believed that march has opened the door completely and honestly, I believe it this time. Sun is shining and warm up as well, people are smiling without any reason which is really hard to see in Germany.

Beside of the happiness of spring, there is also Easter cheer. Just like islamic fest called Eid al-Fitr(Ramadan or Sugar Feast), chocolate hunters wear the best clothes play around. On the garden, the lonely benches finally are together with friends and host them as good as possible. Share their cheer and listen the stories.

I don’t know if it is a laziness of winter or just they are reluctant due to the dying hopes or cruel world, trees are sad. They don’t hurry up to wear their greens, they say how they can be colorful in this world. They ask whether we imagine, all this disappears suddenly and these chocolate hunters’ corpses lay down on the street in the different corner of the world,their hopes, dreams, cheer are killed or drown. Those trees ask if tears spread around like a virus, if tears are ugly or hurt others, if we could share the tears like cheer, would the deaths stop?


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