Back to the Future

So many sad news, politics, implicit messages.. After all, I have decided to change the topic this time and write about another human fact in the future. It is not exactly about some problem or worries. It is science fiction time. Please focus on fiction because these are just my perspective as an engineer in scientific area.

Since the childhood, we like science fiction. We saw flying cars, talking robots, even talking cars which take you anywhere you want. Besides, teleportation, travelling to space freely, gadgets for wandering around. Do you remember ‘Back to the future?’, ‘Minority Reports’ and others? Have you ever thought we were expecting interesting 2015 but what we have is far from that dream? Thus, you feel the disappointment, right? How cannot we be disappointed? One side of world is fighting, other side is still faking, technology is improving but not on the end-user side? At least, not so easy to access..We spent years with dreams and still do that but we can see nothing. Such a shame. Is it true? No, ofcourse. Basic example is disks, cds and current technologies. We should just see the pace and where we come from nothing. Let me explain.


Honestly, I felt the same for years till I get into science more. I feel more optimistic now and I believe more that we are close. First of all science is a field which is updating everyday, using past as a reference and going buttom to up. Therefore, even if we think often’why they are working on it instead of that’, it provides solid knowledge for future applications. For example, the most boring experiment ever, ‘Pitch drop test’. It took 85 years to get predicted number of drops. You can check the details but now the results are for sure and used for reliablity fact of components in your everyday devices. Another example is Einstein’s Gravitational Waves theory and also others. What do they change in our lives? Many people think nothing because they cannot see any ‘i’ products. But answer is many things. Detailed examples are here “


After all these boring examples, let’s come back to our dreams and fiction. Last year our professor said ‘Teleportation is possible in near future’ . I don’t know how near is that future in science but researches says that it is very near. In the class, everybody was surprised and some of them ignored. Why? Because it means their belief will be completely destroyed. I am surprised also. Before I heard about some experiments but never think comprehensively.Here is the related ‘‘ research. Some good things still happens in the world. Don’t think that only human teleportation, even property teleportation is enough amazing when we have nothing yet.

After all these, I have begun to think about more detailed about future and fiction. What we expected and where we are….

Drones.. When I have seen them first time, I said “That’s it. What we have in dreams and father of the future transportation systems”. Ofcourse, it is just easy prediction but still many people thinks just a basic toy or camera stuff. However, Now many prototypes are ready.-fbd73423273f097b

Hoverboards, Solowheels, jetpacks, flyboards. They are also same as drones. Ancestors of the future ones. Yes, we don’t have a hoverboards yet like in ‘Back to the future’ movie but we have good improvements. People like them and begin to use. They are adapted so easily.

One scene from my trips that I have never forget. We were on the Castle Side of the Charles Bridge in Prag. Sky was turning to dark, there was a dimmed light near big door. On the left there were two guys with middle age traditional clothes and they were performing with small balls on hand. On the right, there were a bar people were drinking and near the bar there were live performance of a small group with amazing soloist and amazing music background with violin and cello. While I was listening them, I looked at the bridge pier. There was a small kid with a solowheel. His wheel’s lights was making there light and he was moving really fast. That time I thought this should be time travel. After that , I also saw horse carriage near Bugatti within the old buildings. .6981694-charles-bridge-prague.jpg

It was special moment that makes me believe more.

There are many examples actually to see the pace of technology. Think about gaming technology, music technology, video technology, memory sticks, hard drives, Tvs, artificial organs, prosthesis, think what you can do with your mobile…

Speaking and self-driving cars or robots. Are those still dream? If so just google it. You will surprise the pace of improvement even if it is hard to believe while we are still using oil-fuel car instead of electrical ones. Yes it is hard to believe sometimes but what you can with your mobile phones now was also dream just ten years before.

Now time to dream again. Most of interesting areas are Artificial Intelligence, Virtual reality and Internet of Things now. Have you ever thought what they can change in your life or what can be happen?

Virtual reality will affect our lifes really much then we think. That’s for sure. Even our description for ‘mental illnesses’ can change. What if you cannot understand if it is real or not? Sounds weird, right? But you think it is familiar words. Yes, from Matrix movie.. Have you think a life like there? Connected to devices? Is it possible? No? I think you are wrong . Just look how many hours you are online 🙂 Now think how you can participate in hollywood movies or how you will play games and actually involve in it. If you cannot imagine check these links :

be part of the videoGamingVirtual Race


IoT  is another way of future intelligence. Just think that what could you do with your phones before and what you can do know. Think about smart buildings, smart houses. Dream more. Maybe we will be able to change the view on the window, change the color of walls or see the space on the ceiling by just one button on your phone. Maybe, get your car in front of the door or get a medical care, MRI scan at home. Even teleport something or somebody, who knows.

Artificial Intelligence, my favourite. So many movies about invasion of the earth by robots. What if it happens? Is it possible? Common belief is that robots have limits. Because they are designed and programmed by humans. It has computational constraints. Maybe now that’s right but science has no limits. First check self organizing networks. Yes still have restrictions and now think about self-assembled molecules in electronics. If you don’t know just google it. My question is that what if these self-assembled molecules assemble more and are grown more and more and reach enough capacity to compute more then human brain? Sounds fantastic, right? But not impossible. Now artificial intelligence has huge investment and really fast growing area. We have many challenges but none of them are impossible. So hope that future applications will be not Microsoft’s hitler loving sex robot Teen Girl AI.  You see, everything doesn’t work as you expect all the time.

I also would like to give examples and some dreams about space but I wrote so much and it is very huge topic. I don’ want to waste it here 🙂  Hope it will be another time. I don’t know if the future will be peaceful or not but it will be fantastic for sure. We need new dreams which are more fantastic since our old ones are so closed to be true.


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