What makes you different?

What makes us different?

Should we proud of being English, American, German, Turkish, Christian, Jewish, Muslim? What about? Afghans, Congolese, Syrian? Should they blush?

Should the child blush who get drowned and goes into the buttom of the sea on the way of ‘better life’?

Or should the african children blush when they are waiting for death and counting their days?

How about the Norwegian guy who commit suicide? Should he be proud of being Norwegian?

Should christian guy be proud of being christian while he is kicking muslims? Or should extremist suicide bomber be proud while his body is falling to small pieces?

And the small kid who was born handicapped? Should he be happy because of being English?

The japanese girl who even don’t know what teligion is… should she blush or proud while she is watching news that one christian extremist kill the muslims or a suicide bomber kill christians?

What about African guy or middle eastern guy? Should they blush just because they have dark skin? Or should white guy be proud of having blonde parents?

What is the sin of the girl who is raped, hide it years from everyone then kills herself? Or what is the adventage of the girl who dance on the floor, spend money like hell and flirt with everyone without any problem?

What about the child who was killed in the womb?

Is the answer wrong place and wrong time?

We live a life which is a result of coincidences. It is a life just for a second. There is no place and time for stupidity. Think one more time! What makes you different?



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