Evolved and Non-Evolved Ones

Part I: Nature and Woman

If I ask you to describe ‘woman’ with one word, what would you say? My answer is ‘vividness’. Like a life or like a color.

Woman is aestetic, beauty, color. .. briefly life. That’s why we say ‘the mother nature’, not father. It feeds the earth and keep it alive. There is no ugliness where woman is, no bullying, no fight. On the contrary, grace, elegance..Poets writes for woman, artists draw for them, composer plays for woman.. It cannot be written for a man, maybe only for lover… However, woman is a kind of art by itself.

Have you ever thought what if there is no vision of woman or female? World or universe would be most probably black and white or gray. There would not be good feelings, warm colors. So woman is who make the earth liveable and beautiful Every level, every sector, every place that women touch is beautiful and attractive. That’s why woman should freely participate everywhere, every field with all its pureness. Because woman leads the nature.

Now think that the first question is asked again on the street.. Everybody would tell something similar, would find some words, some approach in common but they will never give up the power. For example, they would tell woman is beauty, aestetic but then fragile and protectless. They would say woman is creative and the main factor of a family but then again they need someone who protect or they need to be supported with a power.

I think that all problems begin here where we act against the nature. There are different stories about the first human being but it is commonly believed that first Adam then Eve as a part of him. Maybe that sense of ownership begin from this belief like ‘you are a part of me’ but mother nature tells different. Many mother figures, yes they feed, they take care of family but alone, doesn’t tell as our traditional way.

Let’s come back to human being. On one side very complex kind with all responsibilities which is given by nature and in addition humanity. In return, only one thing is demanded, care.. On the other hand simple form, except the basics, wants only one thing, woman. And no matter how it gets.

Two kind which need each other, have to be together, part of each other.. However one kind hasn’t been improved enough since the hunting period of first ages and still acts with only basic instincts, hormonal activities, whereas one kind has been evolved incredibly, whereas other kind has evolved incredibly and become the modern form, expects the care with new methods, games or so on.

Part II: Dishonesty

We hear many news all around the world about rape, sexual abuses, misbehaves.. It never ends and repeats with different versions physically or mentally. Unfortunately they are all ignored or somehow simply normalise which is really big shame.

It is really hard to understand how it is possible to ignore or approve those behaviour. How is it possible to keep silence as long as it doesn’t have big impact. How can traditions, life styles, beliefs make people forget about humanity? Perhaps, the male-dominant world since ages, some idioms, historical events, laws and many things like these can have some impact but it is really hard to understand how people an be so simple and insensible. It shouldn’t be so hard to put humanity on the center of life.

This can be get over by education maybe but it seems like dishonestly never.

Who are these dishonest ones?

They are who need to show power or ownership over women, who talks about women like an item.

Ofcourse these dihonests ones shows reaction to extreme situations everywhere, like in Köln or any other sensational situations and begins to talk about punishment, fines but conversely acts like a pervert when see a good shape(sexy) woman or at least completely with hormonal and sexual ways like male figure in jungle, maybe keep his looks or reflexes but never stop fantasizing or talking like complete jerk.

I hear many times in conversations with friends that some girl’s ass, butt, breasts, legs and actually much more. Or some friends travels somewhere just for ‘easy girls’ or who travels as a sex tourist.. I would like to say, don’t be so hopeless but it is still normal for them but the approach like a toy is really unbearable especially when they show simple reactions to extreme situations. They even don’t notice that they are part of that mind. In this case, Nicolas Cage’s approach seems the best and become a good answer ” If a guy want you for your breasts, thighs, and legs, send him to KFC. You are a lady, not a cheap value meal.” And I believe that this is also really great sentence to ‘cheap’ women or as I say disrespected, self respectless women.

I am not the fan of feminist movements or ‘man-woman equality” stuff. I don’t believe that and its honesty but I think that the role of women should be increased in society even int developed countries. Awareness should be placed as priority rather than comparison and conflict of who is better.

Sadly the dishonest ones and ‘cheap’ ones are not illiterate people. So their simplicity always surprises me and this is the thing what should be changed. Where as even animals can control their instincts, it is reflexion, it is hard to understand people who are totally simple. So easy to lose humanity but hard to gain it.

After all, ofcourse there will be dirty talks about men and women, with men and women, and it will be exceeded for sure, there will be desire, sex, basic instincts, instaneous pleasure and so on.. but main thing should not be forgotten, we are all human-beings.



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