Smart Effect

If I told that we all will connect to a device and live in a virtual world, I guess you all would say ‘come off it’ or ‘it can be happened only science fiction movies’ as matrix. However, we are already all connected to those devices and living in a virtual world. Do we aware of that? Ofcourse not. When we consider the future technologies and current concepts, smart phones seems really primitive but the addiction level of us is terryfying. We may call it as bad habit like alcohol, smoking, gambling or even drugs.


It is true term that technology is very helpful and simplify our life but also it reveals how weak characters we have. It look like a modern slavery. Maybe robots has already begun to seize the world.

We are too lazy too think because we have google, it thinks faster than us. Perhaps those phones are not smart but we are dummies or we just don’t know how to make use of technology. In short, complete ignorance! We give up greeting people on the street, even don’t ask for address or time, even don’t ask the prices to box offices of cinema.. We go to concert but even there we prefer to watch the concert on screen because recording is important..Even in the most important, most crucial moments, our priority is mobiles. I have seen some people that proud of not reading. Why? Because he can find some brief information about any book and he can make comments on any topic with the help of google or any ‘application’. which people read and research day and night in order to get information. It is so silly. Why do people spend so much time to read…


We become narsists who share all moment regardless of privacy then waiting for ‘like’. Because our life is shaped according to those ‘like’s. If there is not enough, our all motivation, expectations are ruined. What a pity.. yes, we feed our egos and that’s why we like these very ‘smart’ phones so much but to what end? We already spend our time with sleeping and rest is in virtual world.. Is the life so long? It is so ironic that we are also the one who are always complaining about restricted time. Ohh noo I don’t have any time for anything….

“Mobile phones are a part of consumer culture, They are not just a consumer tool, but are used as a status symbol. They are also eroding our personal relationships.” says Dr.James Roberts, of Baylor’s School of Business in Texas. Can’t we see that he is totally true. We cannot drop phone even when we are with family or friends and check it every few minutes as if we have very important business or waiting for some news.. It should have eased our life not capture us. Now the invention of Austrailian pasta sauce maker Damio, makes more sense. He launched a pepper grinder that disables Wi-fi and all mobile gadgets around the house for 30 minutes, so that people stays offline during the meal. I think we are really ignorant about the usage of technology and have serious character problems as well.

Alarm, time, e-mail, instant message, photos, music, games, plugging, unplugging, many different applications and in addition, social media.. With all of these, a researhes says we check the phone 150 times in 16hours(waking day) in average. Or we can say almost every 7-8 minutes.. Even our skeleton structure has changed.


Max. 10 minutes.. Then we begin to feel loneliness and this clarify the depression which I will write below.

Everything is moving and changing so fast. Everything is instant. Photos, messages, calls, interests, dreams..For sure, our brain try to adapt this speed of ‘timeline’ and change our habits and the way our body work. All these speed and instant reactions contribute intoleration of a moment being alone and dissatisfaction. This need for constant stimulation seems very dangerous change which makes us on constant alert and hyperviligant all the time. This state of mind seems as useful in some terms or in wild but we are not in wild, unlike we live where we have to be calm in order to make important reflective life decisions. If we keep this this revved up mood, it will drag us more serious problems like depression and hyperreactivity. Besides, it avoids to be ourselves. We cannot reflect who we are. Because we are used to write short messages, our brain limits the characters after a while. Why do you think there are still people who prefer to writes letter even if there is e-mail, sms, whatsapp, facebook etc. ? Because it has real feelings without any constraints. It is pure and rich, not like the small talk as you encounter a friend on the street.


Well, ofcourse this addiction affects our health like others. We like to solve all problems with money but it is not possible for this evolution due to technology. We have to pay the price with our health. Perhaps we are not so perfect species, are we? As our mobile devices do, we have to be charged in average 8 hours, in other word, sleeping is necessity.

Our brain tells us the time for sleeping and waking up according to light. So that some hormons are excited and body can be prepared for a day or night. That’s why for sleeping, dark room; for waking up bright room are recommended.

The relation between mobile devices and sleeping is their light and effects on health. Blue light is emitted on led screens like smart phone’s, so we can see the screen even at the sunniest time of day. However, at night it confuses the brain and it stops producing melatonin which is a hormone that gives the body ‘it is time to sleep’ cues. Because of that, smartphone light can ruins the sleep order and make it harder to fall and stay asleep. Besides, in the long term, it can cause more serious health problems.

Here is the some problems can be faced because of destroyed sleep schedule;

  • make stay distracted and imparing memory the next day,

  • affect learning and make it harder,

  • can lead to neurotoxin buildup that decreases the quality of sleeping

  • suppress the melatonin leven and light exposure can throw off the body clock which triggers the depression

  • can also mess with hormones that control hunger and this can increase obesity risk

  • There is a connection between light exposure at light and the disturbed sleep that come with it and an increased risk of breast and prostate cancers

  • can lead to cataracts

  • There is some evidence that blue light could damage our vision by harming the retina over time though more research is needed

It can be said that simply evolution but as I said we have to pay a price for it. That is not possible to escape or avode but at least we can improve the awareness, consciousness. It can me helpful to take the control again and maybe limit our usage and spend more qualified time with other activities and friends.


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