Self Deception- Are we really happy?

During the day, we are busy with our jobs.. Serious looks, arrogant attitudes like a superhero, incridible selfishness to hide loser psychology which is caused because nobody cares how good you do your work.. Everyone is Mr or Mrs. Everyone deserves that high respect .. Everyone is manager or senior. Isn’t it bad that you cannot tell the people what you really think, isn’t it disgusting to be crushed under that arrogancy? Many times you have to say ‘yes, that’s right’ even if it is far from any kind of rightness.

At the first glance, it seems as everybody works for their dream job and they are very happy. Money and happiness are on the same graph. Why? Because the main philosophy is the maximizataion of profit. Higher income means higher happiness but noone thinks about the reducing expenses.

The biggest dreams are a huge house in a wealthy district and an expensive car which you can show off. Why? We need… All we need is huge spaces around us which we never use even notice. Our job is maximization. What else do we need? Admiration or appreciation. Otherwise how do we able to feed this huge ego. None of us wants to be crazy.. As a result, it seems as we can buy this ego.

Another dream is world tour. Travelling every countries, every interesting places which we normally detest. This is the biggest cliche.. Please stop it there are some people died due to over cliche. How many of you can do that? Maybe %1 or%2 percent. I think even this numbers are optimistic. Aside from world tour, even people who go holiday are really small amount. If you ask them, they say ‘we don’t work for nothing. Ofcourse we have some plans’. Obviously, they are waiting for those days when their body tells enough and then they will retire and take a tour around the world. Very realistic ..Besides of all, there other kind of people who stays in expensive hotels, visit some famous buildings in the time ( just to say ‘look I was there’)..I wonder why this arrogancy for..Ofcourse there are some people who learns a lot from travels, I respect them a lot . It doesn’t matter which kind of people they are.

When we look or ask, many people says they are happy with their life. If it is true, why do they change as soon as they step into house which is private region. Their all attitudes, behaviours, thoughts, habits changes. Is what they live in the day illusion or are they all manic depressive? How about the lifes on social media we emulate.. It looks really easy on the screen, right? We could be them, right? So here is the question.. If you are really happy, why on earth do you dream about those lives? Are we defeated against our egos and lose our essences?

What a pity.. we can only choose and live one option out of all million chances in our short life. However, if it is asked whether you are free on your choices, answer is simple ‘yes’. So are we honest or do we choose the options which are served by others who we really care?

With immitated or let’s say fake happiness, we satisfy ourselves and lie to ourselves as well. Yes we lie even to ourselves. While we look back, are we really happy, are we really where we dreamed or were we dragged there? Did we really use just the chances we faces or create new ones for our dreams?

How many of us doing the dream job or living the desired life? I say desired and dream not to be desired or to be dreamed. .. I don’t remember any child who dreams to be a manager of a company or project engineer, or programmer in some weird department, or no child says that it wants to be human resources asistant. Or who were dreming to live in a city or country that he never supposed before or never want. Yes, this should be the wasting of life.

All benefits, adventages, loses and disadventages should be considered. We should think where we are .. While I am talking about benefits or loses, I don’t mean the money, house or car, unlike I mean mental and moral benefits. If you prefer to wait for retirement when your body has no more power, I can just say ‘keep going’. Or as every year you are waiting all from the new year instead of taking an action.

That’s true this small and cruel world has some realities. That’s why many times we should act in two different play. On one of them, there is ‘me’ on the leading role who thinks that happiness can be purchased by money, on the other play there is another ‘me’ leading who suffers from what he miss and cannot live due to the first ‘me’. Here the time is forgotten.. You can buy even health but never the time. Life runs out too fast and we don’t have chance to turn the sandglass down to up. If so, would we prefer the same life? I think this is the question.



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